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Do you want to stop foot odor?

My feet used to smell so bad that the deep strong foot odor would come up through the side of my shoes. It was awful. No matter how much I washed them, they would still stink badly. I tried at least 7 foot odor products and home remedies for foot odor. They did not cure my smelly feet.

These stinky feet smelled so bad that when my room door was closed, my feet would make the room inhabitable. It was like the room was filled with rotten cheese. It was disgusting and embarrassing. I could not even have a girlfriend because of this problem. Imagine, a grown man in this position.

“I lost a large part of my life ashamed about my athletes foot smell. Then I found your site and bought the formula sheet. Using your formula was easy and my stinky feet odor was gone in minutes.  Thank you so much Jerry!”
- Craig Parker

Phoenix, AZ USA


A lot of people out there don't understand that we clean our feet. We are clean people however our feet for some reason produce odor causing bacteria and fungus. Most of the smell comes from in between our toes and the strong odor lingers in that moist environment. The bacteria and fungus that clings to our feet seems impossible to remove.

Bad foot odor held me back from any gym activity because I was scared to take my shoes off and smelling up the room. I used to miss out on going ice skating or bowling because I did not want my friends to smell my feet and make fun of me. Just imagine how lonely it feels to not be able to do things with others that you want to do so badly.


If you are on this site because of your child or teenagers foot odor, you should know the way they feel when they are at school or when going to visit a friends house. Your child may feel uneasy or shameful around other kids in situations where their shoes may be required to be removed. If carried onto adulthood, there can be much more serious social problems. Use this information to help them.


Cure foot odor and stinky feet.

I Discovered Something Amazing!

Then, a few years ago something amazing happened to me. I discovered an ingredient that can be used to form a formula that when properly applied can kill all the foot bacteria and take with it the awful gut-wrenching smell of my feet. The ingredient is sold at any local pharmacy for only a few dollars.

Once I found the formula and came up with the process of using it, I was amazed at how easy it was to do. The process I came up with is mixing the ingredients in a foot bath, then soaking my feet in the special solution. It only took 15 minutes and I cured my smelly feet at home.

It feels great to have clean smelling feet! To help others get rid of foot odor, I have created a Formula Sheet that has all of the ingredients, where to get them for under $5 dollars and the exact way to mix the solution to create the special foot bath.

The "No Foot Odor" Formula Sheet is easy to follow!

The Formula Sheet details the readily available ingredient that you use to create the formula. You will find out where to get the ingredient for only 5 bucks and how to create the special formula. It will only take you 15 minutes to remove your worst case of foot odor. It does not matter how funky your feet smell, you will have clean smelling feet in only 15 minutes.

You will feel your feet getting cleaner as soon as you put your feet into the warm solution. The bacteria removing formula will slightly tickle your feet as it starts to remove the disgusting bacteria from your feet. It actually feel really great. It is such a fresh clean feeling that lasts 15 minutes. This will work on both men's foot odor and women's foot odor.

You are going to be ecstatic to have clean feet that don't smell! It was a great moment in my life when I got rid of my foot odor. It felt like I was finally unchained and I never have to be embarrassed again. I want you to feel the same way using this foot odor remedy.


“Jerry, your formula sheet gave me life. I am able to do so many things that I couldn't do before. I am not ashamed anymore! Thank you So Much!”
-  Gary.

“My wife asked me to write in to you to thank you.... Thank You!.”
- Salvatore B.


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Get rid of stinky feet.

This amazing formula worked for me and the hundreds who have tried it so far! However, If you feet still stink after using this formula, I will refund your payment in full! 100% Customer Satisfaction!



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“At first, I did not think this formula would work since I have tried everything in the past. But I was wrong, your formula took away my foot odor and it killed an under toe fungus that made my toenail black. Now my feet don't smell and they look great, Thanks!”
- David Hanson.

New York City

“Very detailed and easy to use formula. The video helped too. Worked very fast.”
- Sandra

“Wow! It works! Thank you so much!”
- Steve Choe



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